5 Crucial Tips On Being The Elite Point Guard


It’s no puzzle that in order to be an elite player you have not only possess the skills but the IQ on the court. How and when to maneuver. Here are 5 tips to help you take your game to a new level

Tip #1 you have to be able to move with and without the ball offensively and defensively. Too often we hear people say he or she is not athletic enough to play at this level. Inside our Point Guard Elite system we specialize in maximizing a players athletic ability by teaching them how to reroute movement mechanics by understanding point guard alignment and loading principles to change direction and accelerate

Tip #2 you have to be able to shoot it is no secret you have to be able to shoot. Not only to score points but also to be a constant threat on the floor it forces defensive players to guard you tighter making you quicker that you truly are. It makes it easier to create passing angles while also knocking down free throws and shots late in the game. It is no secret that players coming out of the FBA training  system knock down shots.

Tip #3 put yourself in positions that make the game easy. To often players have a tendency to make the game too difficult. Our point guards at FBA know how to play in a way that slows the game down or makes the game easier vs. more elite athletes.

Tip #4 Make everyone around you better. We expect FBA Point Guards to put their teammates before themselves and to continually ask themselves after every practice if they made someone better today. Setting the example off the court, in practice and in the game.

Tip # 5 be disciplined. Player often are aware of what is expected of them but often take the easy way out. As a Point Guard I believe it is important that we demonstrate discipline in every part of our life on and off the court.


Follow these 5 tips and you are on your way to basketball and life success. You stay busy always stay working out the whole year. Work ethic and consistency is key