Basketball Skill Training:Player Put In The Time Get Your Results

One of the biggest misconceptions is playing 5 on 5 basketball pick up will make you better.  It helps but, it certainly doesn’t  make you better. Working on your game individually makes you better.  Working on the specifics of your game like your weaknesses.  If you are already strong right handed it’s time to work on your left and yes, just your left hand maybe for one  full work out. If you are not a very good shooter it’s time to get on the court and get a lot of quality reps up. Starting close with your form shooting then working your way back to the free throw line.  Here are 3 Crucial Tips every player has to have before stepping on the court


Players make sure you put the time in your game. There is no way you make achieve results without putting in your time on the court. Ok, so you say you dont have access to a basketball court, Then work on ball handling you don’t need a basketball court for that any small place will work you can use your pound dribble using both hands.

No Excuses

You made the decision to play basketball so, make no excuses for not working on your game. Excuses get you know where in life .. PERIOD.. You have to find that motivating factor that drives you to get up and get reps up. Right mindset and right work ethic  will get you results.

Push Yourself

Game speed is the only way to train. If you are only going half speed in your training. Guess what you will be doing in the game?. You have to push yourself as if every rep was a game situation. More reps more conditioning with the right technique will get you the results.

Players work on your game on a regular, If you do this the results will certainly come. Never make excuses on why you couldn’t always have the right mindset to achieve.  At the end of the day, you have to be satisfied at where you are at a s a player. It falls on you