5 Key Principles Of Being The Complete Basketball Player

Right mindset commitment equals results. There is no other way around it when it comes to development Your development should involve several key areas.

  • Focus on fundamentals – Skill development always boils down to the basics over and over with the right technique  using.intentional focus and repetition such as shooting, ball handling and offensive skills. A serious player must work on the fundamentals a minimum of 1-2 hours per day depending on ability, age and specific goals.  Skill development  is linked to investment of time.  Too often players are so focused on “advanced” skills, and they haven’t yet mastered the critical fundamentals to build from.
  • Stay Committed – It starts with the right mind set.  The biggest enemy any player will have is the one between the ears. Every player has to make that decision to reach his goal becoming better. In order to do that you have to have daily goals and workout regiments that you will commit to on a regular basis.  You don’t become great by accident . You become great by commitment.
  • Plan Your Work– develop a specific physical training plan such as building strength, quickness and vertical jump. Meet with a trainer to evaluate strengths and weaknesses. Work to build an intensive workout which emphasizes growth in these areas.
  • Train Game Speed- You will be as good as you train. So, if you go light in training then you can guess what till happen during the game.  Make sure that when you are going through each one of your reps that you are going the speed of the game. Even if you make mistakes through your reps , its better to go hard and ake a mistake then to stay in your comfort zone. Go hard on every rep!
  • Mentorship- Finally, find a mentor who can help with planning and provide accountability to goals.  You want to have someone who is dedicated in helping you reach your basketball goals. He has to be as intensive in coaching you as you are putting the work in on the court/ The reason why  a great basketball camp is a necessity  is because players get saturated in both hard and soft skill training, they get an improvement plan in place and they can make the important needed changes.